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TRAILS: Assessment of Internet Searching Skills

Assessment of Internet Searching Skills
(Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills)
Developed by Kent State University Libraries

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TRAILS presentations, lessons and links to resources that support information literacy instruction.

"TRAILS is a knowledge assessment with multiple-choice questions targeting a variety of information literacy skills based on 3rd, 6th, 9th, and 12th grade standards. This Web-based system was developed to provide an easily accessible and flexible tool for school librarians and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses in the information-seeking skills of their students. There is no charge for using TRAILS." (Although an email address is needed to create an individual account.)

Some ideas for how to use this resource:
  • One-on-One: Work with a student or a small group of students to go through TRAILS questions with an instructor. This would allow for individualized instruction and opportunity for discussion.
  • Game Show: Create a fun learning opportunity with the instructor or one student serving as a “master of ceremonies” with students in the class answering TRAILS questions. Instructor could project the assessment on a large screen with a computer and projector.
  • Info Literacy Curriculum Mapping: Following a TRAILS assessment, use results to map information literacy needs and opportunities across curricular areas. Meet with faculty in those identified areas to create an instructional strategy.
Listen to an archived webinar that explains how to use this resource: