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Continents and Animals

Continents and Animals  - Library Skills
(thanks Lynne)

Lead students in researching 5 animals from around the world (1 from the ocean, and 4 from the seven continents.)

 The first page acts as a title page/table of contents. (Students can colour in the continent as they finish each animal.)   Each student produces a "mini-booklet" with cover page, 1 "ocean" page and 4 "continent" pages. Final product can be presented to the class, be included in a Student Led portfolio collection or go home for the fridge!

1. Introduce the continents with map or Smartboard lesson.
2. Review note-taking skills (ie Jot Notes or "Trash-N-Treasure")

3. Students use Print materials or eResources (eBooks, Worldbook, etc) to research their animal choices.

4. Students complete the pages in their mini-book and colour the images.