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"Scholastic Math"
Math magazine for general math students ages 12-16 and their teachers. Articles and activities focus on problem solving, math on the job, consumer math, and computation practice.
Teacher's edition:

"Scholastic DynaMath"
Includes exercises that help teach math, math articles that connect learning to the real world and interactive activities to get students excited about numbers.
Teacher's Edition:

"Micro Math"
Focuses on integrating ICT into mathematics classroom practice. Unique with lots of ideas for ICT in the math classroom. Includes articles, news & reviews.

"Connect Magazine"
Provides forum for educators interested in inquiry-based learning in science, math & technology. Support for problem solving skills, hands-on learning & interdisciplinary approaches.

"Australian Mathematics Teacher"
A medium for the exchange of ideas & experience in the teaching of elementary mathematics & for the instruction of teachers in the trends & developments of mathematics education at home & abroad. Aimed at teachers of mathematics in school years to 10.

"Australian Senior Mathematics Journal"
Serves all interested in the learning & teaching of mathematics to the secondary school years 11 & 12 & to the first few years of tertiary education at university, college & vocational institutions.

"Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom"
For anyone interested in primary mathematics education, but primarly for classroom teachers. Considers current issues, encourages reflection of practice, & promotes innovation as part of mathematical pedagogy.

"Mathematical Thinking & Learning"
Directed at researchers interested in mathematics education with a particular focus on mathematical thinking, reasoning and learning.
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