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Tips for Skype visits - and authors for free

Met Any Good Authors Lately?
Classroom author visits can happen via Skype (here's a list of those who do it for free)

Kate Messner writing for School Library Journal describes how to Skype an author. She gives tips, along with a readiness checklist, and a list of authors who will do short Skype-sessions  for free (longer sessions will often cost some money.)

"Today’s students live in a brave new literary world—one in which they can connect with their favorite authors at bookstore signings or during school visits, not to mention on Facebook. Most authors today have at least a Web site with an email link, and some go well beyond that. They blog. They podcast. They vlog. They tweet. That means greater accessibility for young readers, who then get to know writers as real people with real lives, not just magical, faraway ones scribbling in Scottish castles."