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Fitness Magazines on EBSCO

(Some resources to share with your PE staff)

"Coach & Athletic Director"
Feature articles, inerviews, profiles, legistlation & news of note for coaches & athletic directors at the high school, college, & university levels.

"American Fitness Magazine"
A magazine for the fitness professional including articles on aerobics, nutrition and workout attire.

"Alive: Canadian Journal of Health & Nutrition"
Health & Medicine (General); Nutrition Science

"Running & FitNews"
Provides reliable information & advice on all aspects of fitness, nutrition, & health, as it relates to running.

For those interested in the sport of winter skiing. Articles cover such topics as technique, resorts, equipment, fashion and ski celebrities.

"Measurement in Physical Education & Exercise Science"
Attempts to offer ways to gain a better understanding of humans by measuring their physical performance.

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