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EBSCO magazines related to teaching Science

Magazines from EBSCO related to teaching Science.

Teaching Science - the Journal of Australian Science Teachers
Promotes the teaching of science in all Australian schools with a focus on classroom practices & contribute to the professional development of teachers of science. Articles by and for Australian primary and junior science teachers. Practical ideas for classroom teaching, reviews of resources, summaries of research work, helpful hints and special projects.

Experiments and activities in all phases of science, teacher tested explorations and projects keyed for age level and degree of difficulty; news notes, computer news, book reviews and new products for the classroom teacher. (with a 12 Month Full text delay due to publisher restrictions ("embargo") - you can only read the full-text from articles that are at least a year old.)

Thematic issues containing articles, puzzles, projects and news in science for middle school students; seeds, plastics, toughing out winter, volcanoes.

A publication by and for students published by Scholastic Inc. Includes feature articles, interviews, science in the news, fiction, puzzles and cartoons.

Science World (Teacher's Edition)
Science Education; Teaching & Tutoring

Science Spin - Early Primary
From Weekly Reader Publications. Children's Interest; Science Education

Children's magazine of science and exploration; it helps young children understand the world around them.

Presents articles covering all topics related to science for children at the middle-school level.

Popular Magazines

Presents articles on products for homes, transportation and recreation, including automobiles, boats, tools & garden, electronic, photographic equipment and television.

Written for the knowledgeable amateur astronomer. Articles on space science, astronomy, observatories, planetariums, telescopes and celestial events.

Original research articles & letters, review articles, news of science in universities, industry & government, correspondence and opinion pieces. (with a 12 Month Full text delay due to publisher restrictions ("embargo")

HTML only Magazines
(The following magazines area only available in HTML format only, meaning no images, just text from articles.)

Discover (HTML version only, no images, just text from articles.)
Newsmagazine of science devoted to the wonders, mysteries and challenges of modern science, written for the educated layperson.

New Scientist (HTML version only, no images, just text from articles.)
The print edition of New Scientist has been at the cutting edge of science & technology since 1956. Every week our expert team of science writers bring you, colleagues & students, the latest news & advances in a stimulating, lively & authoritative way. (1 month embargo on deigital version.)

Scientific American (HTML version only, no images, just text from articles.) Authoritative articles on all sciences by scientists who do the research reported. Edited for the interested layman. Features science and the citizen, computer reactions, the amateur scientists, reviews of current books in science and bibliographies.

Acedemic Science Journals

Presents articles of interest to scientists and others involved with the latest developments in science.

Published by the National Academies and the University of Texas at Dallas to inform public opinion, and to raise the quality of private and public decision-making by providing a forum for discussion and debate.

Reports on recent research in pure and applied sciences, written for scientists of all disciplines.

Presents articles dealing with current advances in the field of biological science for researchers, administrators and teachers. Pub. by Am. Inst. of Biological Sciences (AIBS)