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Best of "The Westcoast Reader "

Favourite stories from The Westcoast Reader

Take a look at "Best of The Reader", a series of e-books/articles for adult literacy and ESL learners. This site offers 13 e-books, a Teachers’ Guide, and a 2010 calendar of special days and holidays.

Each of the e-books has six to eight stories, and each story has exercises and activities to go with it. There is also an answer key in each e-book. The material is organized by topics: People and Jobs, Special Days and Holidays, Many Ways to Help, Families, Keeping Safe, Sports, Amazing Stories, Canada’s Aboriginal People, Word Games and Puzzles, Recipes, Canada, and Your Health.  Photographs, maps and illustrations are also included.

Most of the stories, recipes, puzzles, and other material are from past issues of The Westcoast Reader (1982-2009), a newspaper for adults who are improving their English reading skills. The stories are written at three levels of reading ability.

The articles are nicely laid out and would even be good for SmartBoard use (ie "Your Health") and could be used at a variety of levels, depending on the topic.